White Smile Pro is an at home teeth whitening kit created by dentists, designed to deliver white teeth without any sensitivity.

You apply the teeth whitening gels to the teeth whitening tray – when the tray is placed in the mouth, the LED laser accelerates the teeth whitening process by opening the pores in the teeth (dentin tubules) – this allows the teeth whitening gels to whiten and remove any staining within the teeth and on the surface of the teeth.

For best results, our dentists recommend using the kit initially for 6 consecutive days, 1 hour per day. This will ensure best results. From this point on you can use the remaining gels to top up and maintain your shade. Each use just requires 1/4 ML in the top tray and 1/4 ML in the bottom tray. Therefore, each syringe should get you six 1 hour applications. Apply the gels to the front wall of the trays to ensure the gels are in contact with the front of your teeth. We recommend brushing your teeth prior to each use.

Our dentists recommend 1 hour per use for best results.

No. The treatment does not change the shape or structure of your teeth anyway.

Results are not permanent – teeth are porous and will always stain due to your diet. However, the speed at which your teeth stain will mainly depend on your diet (excessive amounts of tea, coffee, red wine etc) and how often you top up or maintain your white teeth using our kit and refill gels. We try to explain this as similar to dying your hair or maintaining your fitness – white teeth need to be maintained too!

Our gels contain desensitising agents. Therefore you will not feel any sensitivity.

Immediately! There is no waiting around.

On average our kit whitens teeth by 8 shades. This depends on the mineral content contained in the dentin of your teeth. Results will therefore vary between individuals. Mineral content depletes with age, by the foods you ingest, and can also be affected by medicines that you may have taken as a child.

Teeth whitening works on crooked teeth – we recommend applying gel to hard to reach places with your finger first if needs be.

With Veneers, crowns and other false teeth – teeth whitening can actually remove surface stains on the false tooth. However, it will not whiten false teeth beyond the original shade that they were put in at.

If you have braces – you should wait until you finish your treatment.

No, unfortunately you cannot whiten your teeth during pregnancy or breast feeding. However, feel free to purchase for use after – and most importantly good luck with the pregnancy!